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Branding and illustration for IntelliFace Energy Management Platform for Quality Attributes Software.

Energy data driven sustainability/energy dashboard for Quality Attributes Software.


The charting feature charts live energy data based on a selected time frame and normalization compared to a specified baseline.



Initiatives allows facility managers and sustainability departments to interact directly with their building’s occupants. A goal is set to achieve an amount of energy savings within a set time frame and facility managers can communicate with occupants using a twitter feed on the dashboard itself.

Campus Energy

A campus energy feature can be added if one is monitoring energy profiles for multiple buildings. Comparisons of each building’s energy performance creates a sense of competition and eagerness to conserve energy and positively influences change in building occupants’ behavior.

Sustainable Features

Sustainability features addresses some of the top features within a particular building or campus that are helping people achieve their sustainability and energy conservation goals.

Drift Analysis

Drift analysis provides a macro view of a particular energy portfolio making it easy for one to realize changes in energy consumption and savings amongst a wide portfolio of facilities.


KPI’s or key performance indicators consists of real time energy gauges and equivalencies to provide insight into how well a building is performing on a daily basis.

Saving Energy in Style

Demand for energy has never been so high. As the world’s population grows, the higher the demand will rise. Traditional energy resources will become limited and more expensive; thus, alternative methods of energy production and efficiency are already taking place. Whether it be the replacement of standard light bulbs with CFL’s or an entirely new and energy efficient HVAC system, buildings are becoming better equipped for tomorrow’s energy demand.


IntelliFace  aids in meeting an organization or institution’s goals in reducing their carbon footprint and saving on energy costs. This public facing dashboard allows building occupants to become active users and participants in a building or campuses’ sustainability program.


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