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My name is Cary Kozak.

I am a 24 year old visual communicator from the Jersey Shore. I say visual communicator because whether I am working in print,  packaging,  web, branding, marketing or UI/UX the main goal for me is to get the message across and make it last. I believe the core purpose  of communications coinciding with business is to establish trust and create an aura that is persistent within a product, service and organization as a whole. It all starts with that initial spark. A spark driven by research and strategy.


Adobe applications are great, and I am an avid user constantly learning,  but the best ideas originate from a coffee stained sketch pad or an old dry erase board. The architecture of an idea or message means everything to me as a designer.


What have I been up to lately?



Creative Director

I am currently the Creative Director for Quality Attributes Software. Quality Attributes Software is a big data, energy management and sustainability awareness company. I design and participate in the product/business development of energy management applications for facility managers and big enterprises. These applications or information dashboards showcase building energy data in a visual hierarchy that gives one the ability to monitor their energy consumption and carbon footprint across any  portfolio of real estate. I also help target the public market by designing sustainability dashboards and websites that help promote behavioral change amongst building occupants, ultimately reducing energy consumption and decreasing one's carbon foot print. I have worked with clients such as: General Services Administration, National Rural Utilities Finance Corporation, New York Stock Exchange, Qatar Foundation, John Hopkin's University, just to name a few. Each client requiring its own way of retrieving and visualizing their energy data.



President of Marketing and Development

I started lifeguarding in Seaside Heights at the age of sixteen. Spent five years lifeguarding in Seaside and four years supervising lifeguards at private beaches in Mantoloking, NJ. I worked closely with local communities and future business partners to establish a better quality service run by better management. Now. Work with chief and owner of Coastal Ocean Surf Rescue in maintaining safe and fun beach experiences for seven private beach associations on the Jersey Shore. Supervise lifeguards, rentals and surfing lessons within private beach communities. Responsible for marketing research (establishing new verticals), business development, maintenance of website, social media and overall customer satisfaction.


Sales and Freelance

I have six years of sales and marketing experience working as a surfboard distributor for Shaka Surf Company. Sold and distributed surfboards up and down the Jersey Shore. I was responsible for all promotional collateral and  t-shirt designs. Also while attending school at The College of New Jersey I worked as commercial, studio and fine art photographer for four years, while working part time as a fine art gallery host. This mixture of fine art and sales is what has given me the stamina I have today when working with clients. I understand that each client I work with is unique and try to focus efforts on where this client plans to be in the long term. Boundaries must exist in marketing and design but I try not to restrict myself or the client, designing a sense of movement which increases sales and allows my client to build momentum and reach their maximum potential.


Check out some of my current work...



High Tide is a beach towel packaging identity designed while working for Morgan Home Fashions. This product has been sold in Costco and Sam's Club Wholesale Stores.

Going from left to right: Salty Soul is an identity system designed for a yoga, wellness and surf lesson company, Juniors is a logo designed for a local land clearing, blade sharpening business, One Month Early, was a prototype design for an amateur publishing company, Grayson Gilligan is a packaging identity system designed for bed comforters sold in Home Goods, MISC was a logo designed for a cognition study group at The College of New Jersey, and Padi's is identity system for a local bicycle shop.

The Starter Kit is an easy, touch-based kiosk solution for one to start monitoring their energy consumption and inform their building's occupants. Responsible for branding, UI/UX and marketing of product.

The standard shell of the Starter Kit consists of a client's logo, address, live weather, energy equivalency ticker and a building energy meter that compares a building's current overall energy use to last month's average. Navigation elements are contained in a scope box on the left-hand side. The content area gives the client the liberty of uploading a 150 word statement about their facility and coinciding photo.

The building energy page briefs the occupant on the building's current energy consumption and Green House Gas Emissions.

The Live Data page gives one a more detailed, analytical look into how each type of energy has been trending based over time periods and set  normalizations.

Website homepage design for Quality Attributes Software.

Sustainability dashboard design for Heart of Doha.

Sustainability dashboard design for University of Connecticut.

Branding and homepage redesign for Prime Merchant Funding.

Concept branding and poster design while attending The College of New Jersey.

Branding and book cover jacket design for a friend.

Political campaign based designs in response to the OCCUPY MOVEMENT for a Senior Research Study. Designs inspired by the work of Alan Fletcher.

Poster design and photography for Breast Cancer Awareness Month at The College of New Jersey.

Branding design for kitchen towel packaging currently sold in TJ Max.

Branding for my local surf lesson company based out of Mantoloking, New Jersey.

Let's Work Together.

If you are looking to transform your business and regain confidence or target an entirely new audience, I can help. Whether its branding, print, UI/UX, packaging, marketing and so fourth, we can make it happen. If you are looking to collaborate or are just looking for a surf lesson that's cool too. Let's get in touch.






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